Top 6 Best Eyeshadows for Your Attractive Eyes 

Top 6 Eyeshadows for Eyes

Eyeshadow is the most important part of eye makeup. Without eyeshadow eye makeup is incomplete. The better quality of your eyeshadow, the better your eye makeup will be. Eyeshadow makes your eyes attractive and talkative. This post is for those who don’t know how to buy Best Eyeshadows. In this article we will guide you to buy Top Eyeshadow at an affordable Price. So please read this post of Top 6 Best Eyeshadows carefully. 

Top 6 Best Eyeshadows

In this article you will also know about What is Makeup Eyeshadow, How to Choose Eyeshadow, Correct Way to Use Eyeshadow and Benefits of Eyeshadow.

Top 6 Eyeshadows for EyesPrice
(1) L’Oreal Paris Eyeshadow La Petite PaletteCheck
(2) Lakmé Absolute Eyeshadows PaletteCheck
(3) Maybelline New York Eyeshadow PaletteCheck
(4) Swiss Beauty Eyeshadow Palette, 9 ColorCheck
(5) Colorbar Eyeshadow Pallet (Hook Me Up)Check
(6) Huda Girl Beauty EyeshadowCheck

What is Makeup Eyeshadow?

Basically Eyeshadow is an eye makeup. It is used to apply to eyelids. This beauty product is available in different colors. You can easily buy your favorite shade. Some people apply eyeshadow to match their faces and some their dresses. This beauty product makes your eyes beautiful, attractive and talkative. 

Be Careful When You Choose Eyeshadow : 

Eyeshadow is an eye makeup, which helps to improve your eye look. That’s why you should keep this important things when buying a makeup eyeshadow –

  • Never buy an expired eyeshadow. It can have a very bad effect on your eyes. 
  • Always buy eyeshadow, which fits in your budget. Some branded eyeshadows are available at a cheap and affordable price. You can easily buy them online or offline, according to you.
  • Always choose those eyeshadow colors which you use mostly, otherwise it will be wasted. 
  • If you use eyeshadow very much then you should select those eyeshadow palettes which contain different different eyeshadow colors.

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6 Best Eyeshadows Name :

There are many eyeshadows available in the online or offline market, but they all are not good. That’s why today I have came to give you the Best Eyeshadows list –

(1) L’Oreal Paris Eyeshadow La Petite Palette : 

L’Oreal Paris Eyeshadow La Petite Palette

L’Oreal is known as the best makeup brand. This eyeshadow from L’Oreal Paris is also known as Best Eyeshadow. In this eyeshadow you get 5 eyeshadow colors, which gives your eyes look attractive. These velvety eyeshadows are set comfortably into your eyes. It stays on your beautiful eyes for a long time. This eyeshadow is portable size, so you bring it anywhere. 

(2) Lakmé Absolute Eyeshadows Palette :

Lakmé Absolute Eyeshadows Palette

Lakme is a trusted and famous beauty product brand. You can use this eyeshadow palette at any occasion. This is a 12 gm eyeshadow which gives you a velvet finish. It is a very good combination of matte shades with 48 shimmers. After applying this, eyes feel light. This eyeshadow is available at an attractive price. 

(3) Maybelline New York Eyeshadow Palette : 

Maybelline New York Eyeshadow Palette

Maybelline is famous as a good makeup product making brand. This eyeshadow of Maybelline company is also known as Top eyeshadow. This eyeshadow is available in 6 dramatic shades. You can buy shades whatever you like. 

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(4) Swiss Beauty Eyeshadow Palette, 9 Color :

Swiss Beauty Eyeshadows Palette

This is a beautiful and high quality product of the Swiss Beauty brand. This eyeshadow helps to highlight your makeup. It is made with high quality products, which keeps you fresh. It is a long lasting eyeshadow. You can use this product day and night anytime. This eyeshadow is suitable for all skin types people. It is an affordable eyeshadow. You can use it anywhere like Professional Salon, Parties, Weddings and Home Use etc. 

(5) Colorbar Eyeshadow Pallet (Hook Me Up) : 

Colorbar Eyeshadow Pallete (Hook Me Up)

Colorbar is known as the best brand in India. It is also called the top eyeshadow of colorbar. It sets velvety before your beautiful eyes. This creamy formula eyeshadow stays on your eyes for a long time. 

(6) Huda Girl Beauty Eyeshadow :

Huda Girl Beauty Eyeshadows

Huda Girl beauty brand is also famous for its makeup products. In this all in one eyeshadow palette from HUDA Girl Beauty brand, you are getting 24 eye shadows, 1 highlighter, 1 blush, 3 lip colors, 1 contour, 3 eyebrow powders and 2 brushes. These are very creamy and velvety eyeshadows. You can also mix it and apply it. It can stay in your eyes for a long time. 

Correct Way to Apply Makeup Eyeshadow : 

Just buying a Best Eyeshadow is not enough. It is also very important to use it properly. If you know how to do makeup, but you do not know how to apply makeup eyeshadow, then this thing can spoil your entire makeup. That’s why below I am going to tell you that what is the best way to apply eyeshadow – 

  1. Before applying an eyeshadow on your eyes, you have to apply eye primer on it. With this, your eyeshadow stays on your eyes for a long time and does not spread.
  2. Now apply concealer on the upper and lower eyelids of your eyes and then blend it well with your finger, sponge or brush.
  3. After doing this, now you apply face powder, loose powder or translucent setting powder.
  4. Now you choose eyeshadow according to your eye color or dress color. It’s your choice. 
  5. After that you have to first pay focus to the outer edges of your eyes. Then you have to take some medium colored eyeshadow and apply it on the upper eyelids and blend it till the center. 
  6. Now you apply a light shade on the inner corners of the eyes and blend it with the medium shade.
  7. After doing this, you have to apply the dark shade of the main color on the outer corner of the lash line and blend it well into the shape. If you apply the eyeshadow from the outer corner and blend it inward, your eyes will appear bigger. On top of that you can apply highlighter, shimmer or glitter.
  8. At last, if you want, you can also apply the main eyeshadow color on your lower eyelids with a small brush. After doing this your eyes will look even more beautiful and very attractive.

FAQs :

Ques – What does eyeshadow makeup do?

Ans – It makes your eyes more beautiful and attractive.

Ques – Is eyeshadow eye safe?

Ans –  Yes, absolutely, If you properly use it.

Ques – Is eyeshadow safe for the face?

Ans – Yes, it is safe for the face.

I hope that this post of the best eyeshadow was helpful for you. In this article you read everything about eyeshadow. If you really like it, please share it with your friends and relatives also. 

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