5 Best Surma for Your Healthy Eyes

Top 5 Best Surma for Eyes – 

Surma is very beneficial for eye health. It makes your eyes beautiful and prevents your eyes from having different types of diseases. If you want to buy the best surma for eyes, you should read this article of 5 Best Surma carefully. 

Top 5 Best Surma for Eyes

In this post we will discuss What is Surma, How to Choose Best Surma, 5 Best Surma Buying Guide, How to Apply Surma on Eyes, Benefits of Using Surma etc. 

Top 5 Best Surma NamePrice
(1) Bhimseni Karayal Surma‌, BlackCheck
(2) Delux 100% Natural Antimony, BlackCheck
(3) Krisha Kade Mark Gulab Khas Special SurmaCheck
(4) Shiv Craft/Kadri Mark Mamir Khas Special Ayurvedic SurmaCheck
(5) VedoMax Surma Stone, BlackCheck

What is Surma for Eyes?

Surma is an eye product, which is called antimony in English. It is used in eyes to increase eye beauty and health. Surma prevents many types of diseases like night blindness, malaise, dropsy, cataract etc. 

How to Buy Best Surma for Eyes?

If you want to pick top surma for good health of your eyes, then you must concentrate on these things in your mind –

  • Choose Best Brand – When you decide to buy a best surma then always choose Best brand aslo.
  • Check Expiry Date – Before picking the surma, you should check the expiry date. If you buy the expired surma, it can be harmful to your eyes. 
  • Select Original Surma – Always choose original surma for the good health of your eyes. 
  • Check Dry Surma – Before buying antimony, be sure that it is not dry. 
  • Select Trusted Seller – Always buy eye surma from a trusted seller. 
  • Read Reviews – Before ordering your surma online, you first read user reviews that surma is good or bad.

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5 Best Surma for Eyes : 

You easily buy best eye surma that’s why I am here to show you the list of Top 5 Best Surma for Eyes – 

(1) Bhimseni Karayal Surma‌, Black :

Bhimseni Karayal Surma‌, Black

In this best surma list, it is the first best antimony. It is made for the eyes from camphor and natural ingredients. By using this surma you can get rid of many eye problems. Beside using it you can also protect your eyes from sun and pollution. With its use, your eyes can be made shiny, fresh, strong, calm, safe, clean, healthy, attractive and very beautiful.

Merits :-

  • It is a natural product
  • This antimony is made from pure camphor which gives coolness to your eyes.
  • It is a matte surma which is black in color.

(2) Delux 100% Natural Antimony, Black :

Delux Antimony, 100% Natural Black

It is also a Best Surma in this list, which is used by many people. This antimony is 100% natural. It is made with natural ingredients and almond oil. The color of this surma is deep black which lasts for a long time. It is a herbal antimony, which is beneficial for the eyes. It takes care of your eyes. 

Merits :-

  • It is 100% natural surma, which gives you dark color.
  • This antimony can be used to prevent different types of eye problems.
  • It contains almond oil which gives your eyes nutrition. 
  • It lasts a long time. 

(3) Krisha Kade Mark Gulab Khas Special Surma :

Krisha Kade Mark Gulab Khas Surma

This is also called a top surma. It is the most usable antimony by people. It is Ayurvedic surma which is prepared with pure camphor, Hebes and research medicines. By using this surma all eye problems can be cured. Besides, it also protects your eyes from Sun and Pollution. This antimony is certified by IMA and Ayurvedic Science.

Merits :-

  • By using it, many problems of eyes can be cured, like red eyes, eye pain, night blindness, dimmy, dacryocystitis, conjunctivitis, swelling, parvala, mada etc.
  • It cools your eyes, cleans them and also freshens your eyes.  
  • This surma also makes your eyes beautiful and attractive.

(4) Shiv Craft/Kadri Mark Mamir Khas Special Ayurvedic Surma :

Shiv Craft/Kadri Mark Mamir Khas Special Surma, Ayurvedic

This antimony is 100% natural, which is prepared from pure camphor. By using it your eyes can be made clean, beautiful, shiny, healthy, cool and attractive. At the same time, it also proves to be very helpful in curing many eye problems. 

Merits :-

  • This Surma proves to be very beneficial for the eyes.
  • With the use of this product protection to your eyes from Sun and Pollution. 
  • This Antimony is 100% certified and safe by IMA and Ayurvedic Science.

(5) VedoMax Surma Stone, Black :

VedoMax Surma Stone, Black

VedoMax is a natural Surma. It has been prepared from gluten, peanuts, milk, egg, mustard oil, wheat, fish, soya, tree nut, dairy and shellfish. With the use of this surma eyes become clean, fresh, beautiful, shiny and attractive. It also gives relief from many eye diseases.

Merits :-

  • No Chemical used in this healthy surma.
  • It is a pure black surma, which cures different eye diseases and makes the eye healthy.
  • This antimony protects your eyes from pollution and sun.

How to Apply Surma on Eyes : 

Everyone doesn’t know how to apply surma in their eyes properly. That’s why I am going to tell you the right way to apply Surma – 

  1. Always apply Surma with the help of a stick. 
  2. Directly using antimony without a stick can be excessive, which can cause many problems in your eyes.
  3. While you apply Surma, remove it from the stick gently.
  4. Now take the surma stick between your eyelashes and press it slowly.
  5. Always take antimony 2-3 times.
  6. Never hurry in applying surma in your eyes, always apply it slowly.
  7. To make your eyelashes look dense, apply antimony on your eyelid 1 to 2 times, thinning it at your eye’s corners, and applying it thickly at the outer corners.
  8. For a good surma finishing, it can also be slightly wetted.
  9. While applying Surma, do not point it inward, because it’s metal or hard thing stick can cause problems to your eyes.
  10. It would be good to use something soft instead of a Surma Stick.
  11. If there is a problem in your eyes due to applying Surma, then do not use it.
  12. Always apply antimony at night before sleeping.  By doing this your eyes get benefits.

Advantages of Surma for Eyes :

Surma is a very beneficial product for eye health. If you apply it regularly, it gives you lot of advantages such as – 

  • Applying antimony keeps your eyes fresh. 
  • By the use of surma, your eyesight becomes brighter and your eyes become beautiful, attractive, clean, healthy, shiny and also provides coolness to your eyes.
  • You can cure many eye diseases with the use of antimony.
  • By applying Surma to your eyes, you can cure diseases like malaise, night blindness, nailitis, dropsy, cataract etc.
  • You can protect your eyes from Sun and pollution by using Surma.
  • By applying antimony, the wastes, dust etc. which enter the eyes are removed through the water of your eyes.
  • By using surma, your face looks more beautiful and attractive.

FAQs : 

Ques – Which stone is surma made from?

Ans – Surma is made from Kohitoor Stone. 

Ques – Is surma safe for eyes?

Ans – Yes if you use original antimony in your eyes, it will be safe for your eyes.

Ques – Is surma good for eyes? 

Ans – Yes, original Surma is very good for the eyes. 

Ques – Which surma is good for eyes?

Ans – In this post we have discussed about 5 Best Surmas, which are very good for your eyes.

Ques – Can I sleep with surma?

Ans – Yes you can sleep with Surma.

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