Surma is very beneficial for eye health. It makes your eyes beautiful and prevents your eyes from having different types of diseases. If you want to buy the best surma for eyes, you should read this Story of 5 Best Surma carefully -

In this best surma list, it is the first best antimony. It is made for the eyes from camphor and natural ingredients. By using this surma you can get rid of many eye problems. Beside using it you can also protect your eyes from sun and pollution.

(1) Bhimseni Karayal Surma‌

It is also a Best Surma in this list, which is used by many people. This antimony is 100% natural. It is made with natural ingredients and almond oil. The color of this surma is deep black which lasts for a long time.

(2) Delux 100% Natural Antimony

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This is also called a top surma. It is the most usable antimony by people. It is Ayurvedic surma which is prepared with pure camphor, Hebes and research medicines. By using this surma all eye problems can be cured.

(3) Special Surma Gulab Khas 

This antimony is 100% natural, which is prepared from pure camphor. By using it your eyes can be made clean, beautiful, shiny, healthy, cool and attractive.

(4) Special Surma Mamira Khas   

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VedoMax is a natural Surma. It has been prepared from gluten, peanuts, milk, egg, mustard oil, wheat, fish, soya, tree nut, dairy and shellfish. With the use of this surma eyes become clean, fresh, beautiful, shiny and attractive.

(5) VedoMax Surma Stone